Publishing Online Series- Content Writing

Hello folks and welcome to my latest installment of my experience with online publishing.

Content is very important. Its the 'stuff' makes a viewer become a buyer of your stuff. 

Here's why:

  • Content on our blogs can be successfully written in Word, crafted "fine tune like" as if you are blogging for millions of viewers, much like A Beautiful Mess. Emma and Elsie the creators of A Beautiful Mess didn't start out with millions of viewers. They were in love with their ideas and knew beyond a doubt they had something special. Many up's and down's shrouded the two in the beginning. I've been following them since the beginning. I've read the heart ache and the goals these two set all while finding love and loosing love. It was a very personal expression of their journey. For me reading all those years ago, I was studying their start and their struggle. I wanted to learn. I was one lucky reader who really worked with their early years of encouragement tasks about blogging. I first found their site by clicking on a Pinterest photo of braid treatments for long hair. Their site now is just absolutely one not to miss. Its a total inspiration. Oh and by the way, these two have got content down pat! So there is alot to be learned.
  • Blogging is really the beginning for many of us who turn into guru's of content and make gazillions of dollars doing it. Hopefully, this is enough for to make you take a second look at the whole idea of online publishing. I'm not an expert, but I'm learning fast. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Now, if you are overwhelmed by this opportunity just reading about it, then maybe going into publishing beyond your blog is not for you.  I mean in the nicest way. Its taken me hours of thinking, planning and doing everything. But I like to have control of my work and go at my own pace so this is a sure winner for me. 

  • Content that sucks will not help your success.
  • Content that is written like you are an engineer writing technical memo's and brief's is just not on if you are writing in the crafting genre. So really know who you are  before you go forward. It will pay off in the end.
  • Content needs to be organized in a way that makes sense for the majority of readers.
  • Content can be purchased here
  • An interesting article entitled "Writing Craft Books" by journalist Diane Gilleland of my recent blog hop on EPP Projects, remember the cute little Mug Rugs I made.

I think you are all up on understanding where this car is driving with really being sure about your decision to write a book. But I'll be sharing more on this interesting subject in the coming days. I think you'll really enjoy reading about the murky world of book author advances and the realities of those, tax wise.

In the meantime, enjoy the buck who has been keeping our dog on guard over the night. Here I got a long shot of him as he's really deciding is it safe for him to enter our closest nieghbour's garden who happens to be in town. 

Funny, how it is that they know when no one is around, except me. Have a great day quilters and do take time for yourself. 

Did you enjoy reading this installment? Leave me a comment, I love your feedback.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Interesting info and ideas.
    Writing about what you love makes it seem like fun not work.

    1. Hi Janie, thanks for continuing to read these installments. Your are very correct, its got to be fun or its just not worth it. I want to celebrate, not complain about how much work it is to become an author.

  2. Another interesting and informative post. Thank you!

    1. Hi Jo, glad you found this interesting, I'm busy writing up more as time allows. Thanks for continuing to read my blog! :)

  3. I don't want to publish, but you make the series an interesting read! The buck is keeping your dog on guard. Nice way to put it. Our boxer wakes me up to go outside a couple of times a night and I suspect there is a critter in the back yard. His sniffer finds them underground!
    xx, Carol


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