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Some of you have noticed my new template at this blog, right?

Some of you have left me encouraging comments about it and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dutch Lady Designs is the perfect companion techy who can take your ideas and make them happed digitally. I think that there are many templates to be had out there, but can your trust that they know their stuff?

I turst Daphne the brain behind this wonderful blog template designer and she is hosting another great giveaway.

Silver and Gold is a free template that is classy and I'm kinda thinking about it. Your blog template is free and so is this professional made blog template. You can count on it having the meticulous care given that I know Daphne does with all her work. She also offers to install these freebies for a nominal charge and I don't earn anything for promoting her site.

I love the free digital items that Dutch Lady Designs has on her site and these feathers are some of the work that is also free. Daphne is also giving a 20% discount on her products as well. 

I encourage you to pop over and check out her stuff. My whole new template, signature and a few other secret items were made and it cost me under $50 CAD.

Happy Quilting


  1. I don't know if I commented at the time, but I DID notice when you switched it up. It's a nice clean look. Easy to read and navigate.
    xx, Carol


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