Artisan Crazy Quilts

Earlier this summer, someone commented about "finishing" and it was very cute to get that comment and here's why?
  • This observant reader had noticed that finished pieces of my crazy quilted art are missing from my blog. Only a few existed until this year.
  • I giggled and felt as if I'd been caught red-handed in the cookie jar.
You, see, I needed time to finish all the extensive embellishment and hand and machine embroidery on my pieces included in my upcoming book. Writing a book or magazine that you produce all by your lonesome self is well, lonely.

But I've been keeping busy with free motion machine quilting!

Finishing my crazy quilts is something quite unusual and has taken on a whole life of its own. Finding the right finish is quite a whole story in itself. One cannot just slam a finish together and quit there. 

So as time went on, I realized that my unusual finishes were really very special and drew a bunch of comments from my friends and family.

My unusual finishes are taught in my new book "Artisan Crazy Quilts" new release date is in the New Year of 2016 which just happens to be the Year of the Monkey according to ChinaTravelGuide.

I grew bolder! As any woman would, I drew on letting the little girl inside me come out in my work. Yes, I grew up with a hand sewing needle in my hand sewing happily, singing my little songs and didn't know myself like I do today.

And I went on, getting bolder as each one was finished. Machine quilting, applique and wild and crazy new stitches!

But you won't find any of my finishes online until this book is released.

I've acquired a few "crazy" fun quilters who have agreed to do a book review for me. I'm planning on Blog Book Tour for all  your crazy quilters. 

Are up for some really 'crazy' new ideas for crazy quilting?  Don't delay, email me to let me know you are in line for a free copy of my first in this series of "Artisan" quilting books.

Here is what is involved with my book tour:

  1. You must have a blog.
  2. You agree to link up during your week and post a review of the book and show us your project that came from the inspired pages of my new book.
  3. You agree to link up the finale with an impressive giveaway of crazy quilting supplies direct from my studio. (I've been working to organize CQ Kits for my new Etsy Shop opening in the New Year)
  4. Your involvement is meant to be rip-roaring fun and so I'll give all those participating in this Blog Book Tour enough time to make a funky project.
All techniques demonstrated in my book are meant to empower home quilters with the regular supplies we'd all have on hand. Machine quilting is meant to be done on your own regular sewing machine. My book is a bit of myth buster for sure!

I'm so excited its very hard to keep it all a secret! 

But this new piece is my Owl CQ and he has two layers of machine quilting on his border. In my book, I talk at length on how I go about free hand free motion machine quilting using my favorite variegated threads.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you, 8 more bloggers are required, so get busy and email me now!

Happy Quilting everyone:)


  1. hey, hey, hey, count me in-would love to be a part of this if there is another opening. glad to see you are kind of getting back to norm if there is a norm. Just tell me what I have to do-sounds exciting

    1. Welcome Carolyn, your work will sing like a Bulkley River Red Hawk, soaring above the wild Steel head fishermen who travel across the world to fish on this river. Its one that has inspired me beyond words and healed me from the pain of too much world.
      I will be sending out an email with instructions on how to get the book for free and then let you go with whatever you choose to make, its just got to be ready for your week. I'll give everyone a good length to work on your piece, so don't fret about it. OK? I'm a very relaxed lady.

    2. all righty! have never done anything like this before but always up for a challenge but as is my norm-things usually don't get done until the very last minute but they do get done. I surprised even myself by getting 2 articles turned in over a week early last week-that is a first I think.

  2. I'm really looking forward to reading the book, trying out your ideas and blogging about the experience!

    1. Hi Karen, glad to have your nimble fingers play with my ideas. I will be sending out an email with instructions on how to get the book for free and then let you go with whatever you choose to make, its just got to be ready for your week. I'll give everyone a good length to work on your piece.
      Thanks so much for participating!


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