Quilt As You Go- More Methods

Well, I thought most people already knew about QAYG, but apparantly not! When I posted that brief and not at all totally finessed tutorial at this link.

I've used this method for piecing crazy quilts since I made the first one, it seemed to work really good and so then I adapted it to my T-Shirt quilts and many others. I'd been really encouraged by the comments I recieved and so I went looking for others who block there quilts for machine quilting and then using QAYG for joining.

So first up is the popular British quilter Little Island Quilts. 

If you start using this method, you'll be joining at least quite a few quilters out there who don't really care if the whole quilt is perfectly machine quilted with all the little feathery things lining up. That's just the whole enchalada isn't it, it about 'crazy' as you go rather.

Everyone it seams has a different way entirely!

This quilter even has a class on Craftsy, go here if you'd like to take the class.

I had to laugh at the whole idea! Imagine, I thought that this simple way would require a class to work through it. But then I've been quilting for a long time and yes, beginner's need help!

And yes, this method is tailored to my own style for crazy quilting and is covered totally in my new book, which I've leaked out bits and pieces of this little behind the scenes project. It has a title, but can't say yet, you know how this goes, secrets are kept until it a real book for sale.

Email me if you'd like to subscribe to this book's newsletter.

Now, getting back to the various ways you can pop machine quilted or hand quilted blocks together and save yourself a bundle of money on having a professional do your machine quilting.

Barbara Backman has a great blog where she speaks to her side of the quilting journey and often sites historial quilts and the stories  behind them has a wonderful story of a quilt reportedly made in or around the 1860's, so listen, no one owns the copyright to this Quilt As You Go method. 

Thanks to Barbara Backman for this photo showing how far back Quilting As You Go was being used. Do read this article in full at the link provided as its really good to know about the way this long time ago quilter was innovative and a risk taker.

Then up next is the blog http://www.crazyshortcutquilts.com/ where this blogger has turned the whole process into several books and you might want to give those a try.

And then over at Instructables.com you'll find an wee tutorial on sizing your blocks for this method. Seek out Abby Holverson.

T-Shirt quilts are commonly done this way in that boring to me style of same sized blocks and all organized, but if that is what floats your boat, then search out that style of T-shirt makers and you'll find a gazillion of them.

Ok, everyone, back to my work here in the Twitter handle of #bulkleyriver. Follow me there if you are into Twitter as well, I'd love to have you.

Happy Quilting!


  1. I tried a quilt as you go project once and found that it wasn't something I could wrap my head around, so probably could have benefited from some lessons. The instructions I was trying to follow were quite vague as I remember. Of course the entire problem could well have been my total inexperience with quilting!

  2. Thanks for the info and links, lots to check into, very helpful.

  3. Thanks for the info and links. I've yet to try a quilt as you go project but it's on my list.


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