Mug Rug Blog Hop Finale

Welcome! I'm so glad you are joining me!

Its "Mug Rug Blog Hop" week With Diane Gilliard and this is my day to share what I've been up to in preparing to participate with fun EPP blog hop! I have read this whole book now. I am drawn to the style of it actually, Diane has written this self help book in an interesting way.

I laughed when I read that Diane is not a fan of patterns and prefers to make her own design, me too!

*******My 1/4 HST Square Hexie Block Tutorial********

These blocks are sewn together before hand and then pieced together to form this "Steam Punk" kind of look.

I liked the idea of a mug rug and have someone special in mind for them as a gift. I chose to learn how to reconstruct my own EPP shape and put it all together. I was a wee bit weak at the knees a couple of times just stressing about all my UFO's and patterns on the go that my mind went back to some good advice on what to do about your UFO's. I posted about the huge list of UFO's here if you care to read it again?

I started this little project with finding these long forgotten pieced 1/4 HST blocks, just happened to be the right size for a hexie project and I used up UFO blocks.

In this tutorial I cut 4 inch blocks of the purple of pink. I drew a line diagonally and sewed on each side of this line. Cut with scissors on the line. Then pressed open and cut the light white 3.5 in. block background over top and sew down another diagonal line, cut and open you have the 1/4 HST as seen on the far left, then pieced the block into a Hexie shape.

In this Mug Rug project, I made 6 Mug Rugs from my UFO 1/4HST blocks, don't they look really natural and earthy. Its a Christmas present friends!

Its a simple Mug Rug! But a great one that I'll make again and again. Its roomy enough for your cup and your cookies.

Its fall time in our region of B.C. and the light is funky these days with so much on and off again rain that my photos have been inside and not the best. This photo shows the sunshine briefly lighting up my sewing studio. I thought you'd like to see this mug rug as I'm beginning to press the machine sewn binding. I always press the good side after sewing the binding on, even on large quilts. I think it gives the finished product a nice professional look.

I totally had fun using Diane's book "All Points Patchwork" and would recommend it to anyone. I don't consider myself having learned so much that I can't learn new things and this book delivers. Inside you'll find many of the long time answers to perplexing questions you might have about becoming a Hexie Nut officially.

If you'd like to pop over the links below, you'll see other versions of beautiful Hexie Mug Rugs below.

IHanna's Mug Rug is up first. Looks really cute, I popped over too!

Side view of Mug Rug

Then came along to Mary & Patch, I think that both of these are so cool!

I Think Sew was the middle of this week and has a great huge project on the go and has a lovely tutorial on her blog, don't miss it.

Lulu & Celeste has made a beautiful mug rug, simple and divine.


Thank you everyone for reading this post on Hexie Projects! Thanks to Diane for writing a great book on getting started in English Paper Piecing.

Talk soon, take care and keep on quilting!


  1. I just received Diane's book. It's brilliantly written. Love your mug rugs, especially because you thought of room for cookies.

    1. That's great! Diane's book is a great place to start if hand projects are something you love.

  2. You have been busy, interesting projects and book. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Janie, well, if nothing else I'm a prolific UFO maker!

  3. Love your mug rugs Caroline and I enjoyed seeing what everyone else had been making too! Have a lovely weekend! Christine x

    1. Hi Christine, Thank you for leaving this lovely comment. I'm planning on a great weekend! Have a good one yourself across the miles and all.

  4. Lovely mug rugs! When I looked at the binding standing up it looked like a little basket. I thought that would be a great idea because it would work like a crumb catcher!


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