I'm on Facebook! Are you?

I know there is some fast and furious debate going on about Facebook and whether it makes sense. I keep up with most of my family this way as we're all over the globe. Plus, I love to see what other quilters are doing that don't have a blog.

But its also~learning about new ways of doing things.

If you weren't an embroidery nut like me, you'd see this innocent container of threads and such, as a wild leap to the unknown maybe? But if you are like me, its old hat to have gazillions of threads all over the home. I do have a really great husband, now I'm thinking about how much I have "MY" around the house. He's also not on Facebook.

And if you weren't a Crazy Quilter, then you'd see this little piece as really scary and click away. But if you just take some small steps, you can do it. You too, can become one of these addicted to crazy quilting quilters and sigh and move on without the fear of the unknown.

I work at it to make Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc a new habit. 

Yes, its all about being habitual in posting to all your social media links. 

So yes, it can be challenging, but with my book coming out this winter, my new look on this blog and the fact that I'm going to keep on going until my last breath. 

Yes, if you follow my blog long enough, you'll see me posting from my deathbed with a lap top in front of me, tapping away!!

These are the yummy fabrics purchased right here in Smithers at Beerda's on Main St. They are going into my new Alberta Sunset commission.

This is what I've learned about Facebook.

  • People find me from here for commissions that don't follow my blog or even knew about Good Earth Quilting Blog.
  • I get see something new that isn't on any of the blogs I follow. I refuse to spend my life in front of a computer so I do miss things.
  • I can post fast and easy from my phone!
  • Plus, I can join into the fun of Fabric and thread giveaways!

I'm not sure that its the " bee's knees" of the whole world, but it has worked for me and this is why its a good thing for you too. You are in control of the privacy settings and maybe if you are not computer literate, get someone you trust to help you set it up. In my town, the local college offers "computers for seniors."

My page is called "Carlithequilter" because Good Earth Quilting was taken up from a shop in India. I checked. When you visit my page, you'll see my blog name on that page, so if you are using Facebook, lets get it on!


  1. I've only just ventured into Facebook and am discovering the things you've talked about, that its great to connect with people who don't blog, and see different things.

    1. Hi Rachaeldaisy, what a great honour for you to visit my humble little blog. I drool over your creations. We share a similar thinking out of the box style. Thanks for dropping in and let's hook up on Facebook?

  2. I finally signed up for FB last month. I'm already following your page. I joined to take part in the groups and as a way to keep up with family and friends.

    1. Yes, Jo, I've seen some of your reply's and comments, its great to have you aboard! Facebook is great for keeping up with happenings in our family's life. Thank you for following me. Share anything you find that you think I'd like, OK?

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  4. I have a very limited presence on facebook - and only have my kids and one small CQ group that I lurk on. I find I spend quite enough time on the computer just keeping up with the blogs I enjoy. My phone is (to quote my kids) a dinosaur and so doesn't have internet capability....a fact I am very glad to keep. I must admit I'd much rather be stitching!!

  5. Thanks, I "liked" your page. I see the purpose of FB and think it is essential now for a business to be there. I pretty much stay off it unless I am bored and I hate that so many bloggers have found it easier to post there and have discontinued blogs. Facebook is like texting...say a few words and be done. And I'm not even getting into the political views you have to sort through and avoid. Thanks for continuing to blog.
    xx, Carol

  6. I've not ventured in the FB arena as yet. I need more hours in the day!


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