Dutch Lady Designs

I am so happy with my new Blogger Template. I was tired of the free templates Blogger provides and wanted something fresh and new and I got it.

I found Daphne of Dutch Lady Designs in June 2015 and made my decision within a few weeks. It did take time to review each page of the ones that caught my eye first. 

I didn't know that my timeline and Daphne's were going to match but she was packing to go on holidays when I first contacted her. Daphne excelled at pulling it all together and got me my first newly acquired template of my own.

What a sweet lady to work with, she understood and made all the changes I wanted, installed the new template complete with my Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin, Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest!

Today, Sept 18, she posted another one of her Freebie Fridays! The clipart above is one of those nice floral designs that you can use to decorate your blog.

I decided earlier this year that I was not going to try to do everything. I was going to focus on my important work and not get sidetracked. But that is easier than said.

My UFO pile has had some success.

I think this Modern Makeover needs another border added, what do you think?

But more importantly, I'm re-writing the book I started back in 2003 and I'm so happy that I saved it all on two CD's. It was moved several times and now I've found it!!

I told you I was up to something and its starting to get really exciting.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Daphne's design is attractive. I can't see Modern Makeover real well in the photo but a
    border always defines and adds to the whole. Happy Monday!

    1. Janie, thank you for helping me to see my work better. I think that is the best reason to blog so we can insight from others and their perspectives.

  2. It's hard to focus when our minds keep taking in new inspiration. I'm excited to hear that you're working on a book.

  3. Book? What sort of book are you doing? Have you told us before? If you have, please forgive my mental-pause. Do tell us more - curious mind wants to know!


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