Saturday, June 6, 2015

Black T- Shirt Quilt

hi folks, this is a quick post with few words, I've got company coming and doing housework, but just had to share the latest progress on a new t-shirt quilt I'm making.

Generally, the colors are decided prior to beginning. I cut various sized strips and then start creating various patterns around each precut logo.

Then, lots of new color is purchased as I go.

This block is just one example.

Eventually, you'll arrive at some kind of layout, you decide what is happening to make the quilt.

You'll see that this layout is not quite set. I don't like how the two lower left blocks have a similar strip of the same fabric on the left sides of each of those two blocks, that is not satisfying to me, I'd move it.

I find making one of a kind quilts is the thing I enjoy and love to do, its the same with my crazy quilts that I've got all  being completed, these will go into my first show next year.

Must run now and get back to vacuuming!
And remembering to stop and rest my back, otherwise, the visit won't be as much fun.

Plus, its my sister and her hubby and we love to catch up with each other's lives, lots of talking going on tonight!

Happy Quilting weekend!


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