2 Black and Blue T-Shirt Quilts finished!

T-shirt quilts are such a pleasure to make, really, they go together quite fast, once I finally had to time to get to work on these two. 

Two brothers will be the recepient of these t-shirt quilts and I'm so grateful to my client who was in no hurry for them and for that I thank you!

When you make a t-shirt quilt, you get to know that person just a tiny bit. Its such a proactive way to relive the memories of the t-shirts themselves.

Some shirts have 3-D parts to them and you must find a way to incorporate these features as well.

Sorry these are so crappy I was under pressure to get this photo  before it rained again.

The backs are not the same and offer different affects to each.

2015 Finish-Along

I was really proud that this past post on the giveaway was so popular and its reminds me that I really do have followers. And while I'm on that point, I didn't realize this earlier but my settings were  wonky and if you didn't have a Google + account, you couldn't comment on my blog, so thanks to Karen who contacted me about it.

Happy Quilting everyone, its a sunny/rainy day here!



  1. I think the T-shirt quilts are great and have tried to talk my daughter into allowing me to make one for her with some of the many, many t-shirts she has. At the moment she won't part with any of her shirts. Love the ones you've shown in your post.


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