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I follow an organization called the Canadian Women. I started doing this a few years ago because I have learned alot. I've read dozens of great posts and their site has loads of resources for anyone searching for help or those searching to help.

But the topic I'm writing about today is about sex trafficking in Canada. Its a very serious threat to us all, but paticularily young women are the most vulunerable. So please educate your daughters or neices about this topic.
And the worse of it is that trafficker's in Canada can earn $280,000 per women they abduct. 

How can we help as individuals?

  1. Join a local Prevention of Violence Against Women community Organization.
  2. Help promote the work of Canadian Women Foundation by joining.
  3. Help your local organization by asking what kinds of things do shelters need in terms of what you can give or do.
  4. Start a non-profit national organization that would facilitate the distribution of hand made quilts made in Canada.
I know that point 4. left the rails a bit, but what of this idea. Maybe you already know of an organization like this? If you do, please let me.

And while I'm on this subject, I'm making a quilt that reflects the saddness I feel being a person that lives on the Highway of Tears. I will blog about it, I'm still in the planning stage of this quilt. Maybe you want to participate and make your own quilt that reflects your feelings and perspective. Think about this idea Canadian Quilters. It will come and when its up and happening I'm going to organize a Linky Party for our feelings, perspective and saddness. My sadness comes from seeing so many young, sometimes Aboriginal women alone hitch hiking our Highway of Tears. I wonder if they arrive at their destination or not. I wonder what I would feel if I was a Mother of daughters living on this highway. These are the depths my soul has searched for a way to express what I feel and how I want to give back and help prevent violence against women.

67% of Canadians agree that Canadian girls under the age of 16 are being recruited/trafficked to work in prostitution against their will.

And if that isn't the worse of it, this abduction must be well planned and researched of their victims. These young women mean dollars in their pocket.

I know this is a sad thing to read about, but please don't shy away from helping to educate others by reading these documents in great detail, facts and figures can be found at this site below.

Please enter my little giveaway has only two more days before I give away a copy of Quilters Connection and 4 Fat Quarters from "The Lorax"

Happy Quilting everyone and do leave me a comment on what you think about making quilts for women who are in shelters trying to get their life back?



  1. I am stunned! I had no idea this happened in North America! Really, I have not been living under a rock, but I had no idea.

    1. Thanks for expressing your feelings. This is a real threat to every women. Have you given any thought to how you would this feeling?

  2. It is heartbreaking and shocking! I am appalled that the federal government is not doing more! I would be interested in helping in some way with making quilts for girls in shelters... I'm wondering if any online quilting shops across Canada would donate materials for such an endeavour?! Could there be a high interest in the quilting community to help too?

  3. I'm in tears. I also live in BC and worry about the women who have hitch-hiked along the highway of tears ... Not only those that have done it, but those that may do it in the future. Where are the missing women? Are they alive or ...? Carly - I will become involved in making a quilt(s) about the women missing on the Highway of Tears. Count me in!

    1. Great energy I feel in your comment Barb, and that's awesome you are in B.C.? I encourage you to follow this blog. Please email me.


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