Mother's Day Quilt

I just love it when I get a special commission for a Mom. My client wanted a small lap quilt for her Mom for Mother's Day. The photo transfer via email were sent to me and then onto my special professional that makes photo transfers perfect that last a very long time.

I started with bordering each 11 x 8.5 inch Parent photo transfer with gold.

Then I bordered each of the children and grandchildren in red and set it all into a grey background.

I was playing around before the client picked it up and this is taken inside our RV.

I had some restrictions to color red, grey and blue, I added the gold and it was a good choice because the upper top area required something more fancy than the FAMILY name which was done in Gold.
I included the variation of square in a square to making it flashy, just a bit. 

And here is Mom and Daughter holding the beloved quilt. Thank you C.

Happy Quilting,


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