Monday, March 16, 2015

Starting Things into strings....

After the memorial quilt on Sunday, I took a look outside and it was pelting rain, so inside sewing was the course of events for me. I have started a string quilt. Yes, its not too complicated, which is what my brain is saying it needs!

I pressed some of the chunks before cutting them into strips and I began. But I just had to share one more random shot of blooming flowers!!

And cute driftwood bird houses, how cute is that.

When I make a string quilt, I usually do the QAYG method to cover off the FAST way to a finished quilt. This might turn out to be a table runner, but who knows at this point.

So do the QAYG method, you'd need to have squares of backing and batting pre-cut so you can just fly away making up pre-quilted blocks.

Then I lay each new strip down and sew another right beside it until the whole square is covered, then trim to the size of your original square.

Then when its all done on each 5 inch square, then I sew them up like this with double sashing on to make up one finished block.

Are you in love with string quilts, maybe you should pop over to this great little blog dedicated to the art of the string quilts.

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