Rail Fence-Cultural Fusion Quilts

Here is my winter preoccupation, a commissioned memorial quilt. 

I really like how the Rail Fence blocks lend this organic flow of water to this quilt top. I decided on a lighter back ground with darker fabrics being the flow of each block, then as I laid them out, I mismatched the flow to create the tumbling effect of river water tumbling over rocks.

The family who commissioned this quilt for their son who passed away late in 2013, have lived all their lives residing steps away from the Kispiox River outside of Hazelton, B.C. This river supplies salmon to First Nations and locals and provides world class fly fishing for steelhead tourists.

I've pretty much exclusively working on this large memorial quilt. As you can see, I intend on something special for the center of this quilt. Before I hand applique the center peice, I must reinforce the long flappy inner sides of the centerpiece. I will have to cut away behind the center peice once its hand appliqued onto the flimsey.

The blocks are from Cultural Fusion Quilts by Sujata Shah's new book. These blocks mimic the traditional twist by her method and it takes on the Rail Fence block look, but I can tell you've fallen head over heels in love with this one block. It so versatile and wow the options are unlimited as well. I thank Ms. Shah's approval of me using this in a memorial quilt.

The blocks are made up fabrics from all over the map, The mustard background with green white circles is from RJR- while the others were purchased from different fabric stores and this is why I find it so hard to keep track of the fabrics used in posts!!

I used fabrics from Camelot Designs a Canadian fabric manufacturer based in Quebec. I believe that is the black stag against white background.Imaginarium Fat Quarter Bundlewhich can be found in this handy little fat quarter bundle.

And then the weather, oh my folks, I've all my life experiencing cold and harsh winter weather and we deleted it by wintering over in Victoria, B.C.

Here are the blooms I could find just driving around the neighborhood.

I pulled over and parked to get this inviting and colorful display of planters as the nurseies are in full swing with planting underway. These flowers for your Nola!

Then I had the unfortunate experience of having a photo transfer bleed! I was not a happy quilter for more than 17 hrs of picking out tight satin stitches from the numerous arrangements on this new quilt's center piece. Needless, to say it made the job longer and harder.

Then of course, the original plan was changed, which for a professional art quilter making custom commissions, this was not on the top of my list of new plans to be made. 
But in the end, the redo has made the quilt even better according to all who have seen it. I'll be writing more about this after the delivery date in April, so the family involved has time to love it before they read the whole story online.

And then did I tell you that all my commission quilts are going to be professionally machine quilted?

Yes, I've found the most lovely woman who has the heart and the art of machine quilting down pat.

Her name is Jennifer and she's intensely machine quilting in this photo below. More on this quilter in upcoming posts. I just love it that she allowed me private access to her working space to use that awesome big island table where you can see the quilt laid out.

 Ok, ladies and gentlemen, I'm off to do more hand applique on the center piece of this memorial quilt.

Happy Quilting,



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