New Google+ Community-Crazy Quilting

I know many of you are admirers and makers of crazy quilts. How do I know this, I follow a lot of blogs and many of you are happily making awesome crazy quilting pieces and so a new community on Google + was really necessary.

This post is all about why would you want to participate?

1. Crazy quilts are very popular.

2. If you make crazy quilts, even one, then we'd love to see you post with a description and a photo.

3. Crazy quilting is something that maybe you'd attract one more person to start a little crazy projects.

4. People love to see crazy quilts and the variety of crazy quilters is astounding and we are sure to attract viewers.

5. Heck, I started the google+ community-Crazy Quilting just last weekend and already we are 44 strong!

6. Do read the guidelines for this community because this community is not about selling your work, but rather sharing your joy of making the crazy piece.

Come one, join us, its already a merry bunch!!



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