Monday, March 9, 2015

Itching for a Festival!

If you live in a small town then you'll understand the folksy festival that Smithers celebrates every year.

We're a conservative, religious and active community. We have all sorts of usual services for visitors and you can find many churches like this one if you attend Sunday services or otherwise, its in Smithers.

We love our Mid Summer Music Festival. Its mostly a family event, with loads of great music and lots of venues to just get your music out there. Later on in this post you'll meet a young man who sings the blues.

Above, one of our local celebrities Jenny Lester usually pencils in this early July festival.

You'll find plenty of young folk who recycle and its awesome to see this blanket is sweaters she harvested and remade into this blanket.

Let me present one of our young people who sings his heart out.
I don't remember his name, this clip is from several years and his name escapes me.
Its a good listen though.

Happy Quilting everyone, its a gorgeous sunny warm day in Victoria.

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