Hexie Portable Project

I fell right in love with hexagon quilts made by Karen over at Fairies and Fibres.
 Karen is so generous and helpful, I'd just love to get in the car and do a road trip, really!

But in the meantime, I needed to get some supplies. Alas, my supplies in my temporary studio are a tad lacking. So off I went down the road to this lovely little shop in the Cordova Bay shopping center called "Calico Cupboard" and wow, you'll be surprised when you walk in this shop!

First of all, they use paper bags to package up your purchases!

And then they carefully fold everything into this neat little package. Thanks Suzanne!

And I'm carefully organizing some choice birthday gift for Mr. Goodearthquilting!

Now, getting back to Karen's work with Hexie's.

I really love the work she does by hand on the majority of her quilts. Karen has proven her worth with hexie quilts. I learned about her most recent quilt along Millefiori QAL over at Katje's in one of her posts because I follow her blog.

Mostly, I drool, but this time, I took the leap and brought out my little supply of already made hexagon flowers. 

Thanks to Karen of Faeries and Fibres for the use of these photos.

I knew that if I was going to actually make a hexagon quilt for myself, then I'd better get following some awesome hexie quilters. I keep on reading every single word this new friend of mine writes.

I'm making some changes on what I focus on and Hexie projects are just some of the work I'll be focusing on in the coming months.

When you see the innovative ways that Karen puts her English paper piecing together, you'll see what I mean, her work is transfixing me to another world of tall stone churches and bakery's on every corner. 

I've been squirreling fabric purchases to prevent any husband anxiety about how much fabric I'm bringing back to our summer home on Bulkley River.

Such as this black, gold and pink number from Lakehousedrygoods that the Calico Cupboard sells.

And this Eastern Europe feeling and style of prints. Love them!

And then of course, I'm in love with their Modern fabrics as well.

And I know for sure this butterfly fabric from Windham fabrics already has a home to go to this summer!

I just can see all the fussy cutting I'm in for with this happy print from Moda Fabrics.

So this is where my time is being spent over the summer, stay tuned.

Thanks follower for keeping with me all this months and sometimes years.

I wish you were all just down the road!!

We'd all have tea!



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