Del Bel - Stirring Bones, new hot Canadian artist

Please help me get the word out that she's performing on Friday March 6th on CBC's "Q" at 10 am nationwide.

Our neighbors from back home now live in Victoria who have a daughter that is an hot, new Canadian singer-songwriter who performs all her own new songs. 

She and her partner are the new group "Del Bel" and when I listened the first time at her parents home, I was struck with awe! This little girl was raised on a small farm in Northern BC and is one hot commodity that few know about and her she is performing this new single, "Stirring Bones" and her Mother who loves singing in chiors and her father is a public school music teacher. Both are lovely warm people and their daughter in a photo on their fridge looks like Amy Winehouse. 

This is what the Toronto Star says of her work "Ben Rayner of the Toronto star reviewed Oneiric as "one of the best Canadian albums of the year.." which led the band to be ranked in the Toronto Star in their top 10 albums within North America and top 10 singles of the year." thanks in advance for permission to use this from Radio 3's web site!/artists/Del-Bel

She is working on her Master's in Music and is a Canadian, so I know that I have about 433 daily views from Canadians everyday, so do rush over and get ready to listen to new and soulful music that just makes you think of singers like Amy Winehouse.


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