Blog Appearance Renovation & Fashion Competition

Hello Readers,

I bet you are wondering what "blog appearance renovation & Fashion Competition" are doing together in the same blog? 

I admit I have been checking out the fashions of Gudron Sjoden of Sweden for quite some time, but didn't order for fear of spending money on fashions that perhaps were not quite "Me."

I'm sure you know what I mean?

Not much of a fashion statement, right?

 But as I get older, I want my fashions to be more colorful and comfortable clothing that speaks to the women in me. 

This, I think is the clothing found on Gudrun Sjoden's website and shop.

Plus, to be completely honest, my blog needed a complete overall and so today, I'm letting you know that the various changes to my Good Earth Quilting blog are for you to comment on, so that I can get other perspectives, you know?

This lovely top is one I'd love to have. You'll find this and many more beautiful fashions and the competition.

The Spring Competition is a real fling, its worth $1500 USD of merchandise from Gudrun Sjoden's website.

This is the deal, you go to this website above and check out her fashions, write up a description of the most memorable vacation you've taken and what would you wear from Gudrun Sjoden's shop to take with you.

I recommend you read the details of the competition found here.

What you are waiting for? Go to it and have some fun. This is not a paid endorsement of this website in any way, just something I found and thought of you, all my girlfriends who love to sprinkle a few nice pieces of these eco-friendly fashions into your spring wardrobe.

Now, onto my renovations on this blog; please bear with me as I make the changes. And please forgive my grammar.

Happy Quilting Friends!



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