Sigh of relief...

I encourage anyone to have a photo transfer done for an upcoming quilt, Its so easy and I prefer to use a professional embroidery company or sometimes, its a dry cleaner or others.

Photo transfers when done properly by a reputable company is a great way to share photos in a quilt. But if the company doesn't use inks that are NOT water soluble, then they will run into your quilt.

So when I get up north again, I'll be going back to this company who has cost me 17 hrs of unpicking on a commission project.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief after the nasty offending playing cards that are made from regular ink and water soluble OUT of my flimsey. I'm recreating a poker table including cards, chips and Royal Flush, I discovered the offending ink well into this quilt. And so the rule of the day, check your photo transfers for water solubility.

I'm really enjoying the Rail Fence Blocks that Sujata Shah has written about in her new book "Cultural Fusion Quilts" I totally recommend it.

But this bring up the question. 

Have you been in the middle of something like this and needed to stop and pick out the stitches? I'd love to hear from others on what it was and how you handled it, I'm sure that my readers would love to read those interesting comments as well.

All the best readers, off to continue loving the process of not picking out stitches.



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