Problem Fabric Transfer

When doing photo transfers, I usually have no issues and even years later the transferred photos are beautiful.

At first, my anxiety was huge, worrying how the heck I'd ever make it look like the new quality it started with, but thankfully, my son talked me down to a normal level of anxiety. You know just the kind of anxiety felt when you're in the middle of big project and something goes wrong. So this is the problem.

In this photo below, the red color from previously sewn on playing cards ran into the white fabric from several drops of water. Its shaded and looks worse than it is in this photo, but the local photo transfer business was not at fault, it was the company I used in Smithers that had obviously forgotten that my playing cards transfer MUST be properly water proof and of an excellent quality for my commission.

I have my work cut out for me now!

I've been slowly but surely hand extracting the tiny stitches around each one of the playing card layouts from the flimsey!

Wow, I must admit I was slightly put off and swore a few times as well, as this is hours of work to undo.

Next time, for me, I'm going to get one extra transfer done just so I can put it into a glass of water to determine myself that the proper work was done.

Wish me luck, 5 more playing cards to extract!


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