crazy quilt fabric choices

I choose fabrics which are often not a solid color. Alternately, I rarely choose cotton fabrics.

Rarely, do a use a color theme or try to keep my fabric color choices in a set pallet.

As you can see I choose wild choices!

Let me explain, I see blends, texture and tone all at once.

I love the different shapes and lines of this photo.

And I celebrate like this happy buda!

Such as this shock of expression in this rayon fabric from my various bags of stash materials that make me drool every time I see it.

I am always organized and ready to be portable.

So I'm super busy on commissions right now and can't share much of it as I always keep the full on shots for after the commission has been delivered and loved.

In this case, the mad picking of stitches is not going to go live on this blog until after the 12 of April.

So yes, Peg, I'll be posting the full post after the Easter sometime.

But as usual, I'll need several hand work projects ready for all the fishing and camping I plan on doing this coming summer.

Happy Quilting.

And just because I love a giveaway, here's a tiny little reminder of the cute giveaway going on over at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.

All best quilters!



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