Traditional Crazy Quilt Tips

If you have followed my blog for very long, you'll know that hand embroidery on top of a pieced crazy block is what I love to do most.

As you can see in my work. Everyone who starts making crazy quilts becomes addicted, so I'm warning you.

I think that each of us who gets into crazy quilting learns and leans on their style, its very difficult to leave your style and go somewhere else I think.

Below, in the Smithers Centennial Quilt I did two crazy quilted embroidery pieces. I must say, that in my humble opinion, if its not embellished in some way, its simply not a crazy quilt.

Embellishing can be all sorts of stuff, but again, I'm of the opinion if you just load up a block with lace, antique photos, beads, button or etc, its not keeping with the traditions of the beginnings of crazy quilting, which was the embroidered blocks with hand embroidery, never was any machine embroidery in those days.

I prefer to use a myriad selection of fabrics, not only 100% cotton.

I have been known to use threads in creative ways, ribbon, even simple cut straight strips of fabric and twirled those on top of my block.

I have a lot of blocks on the go at any one time.

I like to play with and decide to change after the work of another thought has already gone down, so don't be afraid to experiment and please don't pick things out, its what makes your work truly yours.

I make all my block by hand. I take them everywhere I go, so I do get a ton of work done. Start thinking portable and your output of finished blocks will increase!

This block of the "Paul Bunyon the Wood Cutter" was the first start on sewing to make a picture I taught my sons while home schooling.

I'm working on finishing this for my sons Christmas present this year! I wonder if he even remembers that I keep everything.

This pastel crazy called "My Secret Garden" is using a rare gathering of only 100% cotton fabrics.

I recommend that you start hand quilting to keep your fingers nimble!

This quilt is one done by my daughter in law's great granny friend and I call this crazy piecing not a crazy quilt. But everyone has their own interpretations and ideas.

 I am a lover of hand embroidery and next up in my list of tips on crazy quilting will be one post listing the resources I use and recommend. Plus, I'm working on some new projects for Christmas and will be posting those as well. Hoping this day finds you all happy, healthy and not too stuffed with candy from Halloween!

Happy Quilting, Carli


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