Greta's New Block-Crazy Quilting

I have been working on accumulating a post just for your reference to help those of you who are a tad afraid to take a leap of crazy into the starting block using crazy quilting methods.

Over the next year, I'll be posting a short introduction to the new starts on crazy quilting. Follow along to keep up with the new wee ones coming along into the crazy world of crazy quilting.

I've been lucky to find a few of my favorite bloggers who are taking the leap of crazy into making their first crazy quilt. 


I really see some intentional steps toward individualized original work in this assortment of blocks making one big block. Now, this is just what I think about where Greta has plans to take this block, so stay tuned on Greta's blog Material Detachment.

Greta has a unique blog and perspective on her posts which is what made me follow her blog in the very beginning. But now, after several years of seeing her photos and reading her blog posts. I think of her as a faraway friend, wish we lived closer!


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