Crazy Quilt- Stitching like Crazy- Piecemaker's Calendar

If you remember the awesome tree in crazy quilting from the Piecemaker's 2002 Calendar, you'd have the complete version of this awesome quilt. Its quite an accomplishment really, its a large 12 month 

calendar in textiles. Its been an admired piece that I could recall back to 
when I was deep in thought trying to imagine where I would go with any block. I have at least 10-15 blocks of different themes and ideas on the go at any one time.

This is the February block of the artist of Susan, I don't really know her last name, perhaps if you know, please post a comment and let us all know.

What I remember about first seeing this awesome quilt, was that finally, I felt that the art of crazy quilting had finally reached main stream. Other options may have been known about for sure, but for me, it was an epiphany.

It might have actually been the major shift in my thinking of crazy quilting as a respected form of quilting. As I  became a quilter, I belonged to various guilds and none had any crazy quilters, so I was on my own and this is one of the reasons that I write a blog.

I decided 'what, I can write what I know and maybe find others who like crazy quilting. Maybe that was seriously an unremarkable thought now some 10 years later. 

Please visit this blogger, who on this blog is now letting it go or something like that, the last post was in 2008.

Its a great one to visit though, so do enjoy!


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