A Crazy Quilt Tute

Yes, I keep on with this, that each of you will find your own path in crazy quilting. I don't like it when others simply copy my work as is, so play with your own block using this as a guide to making your block for you!

These are what four blocks of foundation fabric and your chosen scraps will look like when you've pieced your block together.

Now, lets move to how to get started with Caroline's Crazy Quilting.

I always start in the middle. Yes, you can start other places. I just don't like to have to do a ton of pinning and this is what starts to happen if you start in other places, but I'm not one to tell people it HAS to a certain way, remember I'm all about empowering new crazy quilters to do your own thing.

Then you find another piece to add and sew it down on one side of the starter fabric.

This is kind of complicated but not if you just play around and find a side to do this step. Press over one side of another piece and sew only to part of the end of pressed edge, see the pointers on this photograph?

Then fold the new yellow piece over and press this down.

As in below, this yellow piece is in place and press again.

I always like to cover off any loose bits of fabric and always try to do the same yourself. Then when you have a finished piece, no loose bits of thread are messing up your presentation.

Keep on covering up loose fabric sides.

Sometimes, you'll have to do a come as you go applique method, using what ever method you are comfortable with, sometimes, I do needle turn and then redo with more embroidery threads, its all about what you like.

Then you'll need to press down the new edge underneath as you go. Just keep on covering up loose edges and square off the whole block and then sew around the edge to keep everything where you'd like it to be.

Just for inspiration, this is where you'll get to with a little bit of hand embroidery and lots of time.

Don' forget that Sew Sisters is hosting the Canada Blogathon and I'm participating, stay tuned!



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