World Blog Hop Introducing a Crazy Quilter

I really pumped to be involved with this World Blog Hop from an invite from Dolores of True Blue Canadian blogger. I've been following Dolores for several years now and encourage you to follow her too!

Its always a little scary and a little wired to be tooting your own horn!

  • I take on way too much for my own good. As was the community project of a very large 7.5 feet across by 5.5 feet down art quilt that celebrates the wonderful Town of Smithers, B.C. I donated this in May of 2013. If any of you are visiting our beautiful valley, you'll see this quilt at the front office of the Town of Smithers.

I have written several patterns and not published them, one of these did get published in the B.C. born and thriving Quilter's Connection magazine with my Snow Town Folk pattern. I'm going to be sharing some more of this interesting and quirky pattern in later posts. If you are an ice fisher person yourself, then this fun pattern will make you laugh!

 I really enjoy the deadlines attributed with quilt a longs and did this quilt with The Elven Garden and Jess. 
This quilt was a pattern by Jen Kingswell.

I have yet to actually machine quilt it yet, so its now on the new 2015 to do list. And some of you may know that I'm an addicted hand stitcher and lots of what I've done is in crazy quilting embellishment.

This little gem participated in the International Quilt Festival and Market that so many of the bloggers I read about did actually attend. This piece is called "Beach House Crazy Quilt" and was completed by me in 2010. You can read more and see close up details of my stitching here. This second link is even more details of the first link.

I have a bucket list for the quilts I'd like to do. One of them the nine patch snow ball quilt. I'm working on these blocks and will post a tutorial on making the quilt when its all done.

I'm playing with modern quilting and do love the anything goes kind of style that modern quilting offers.

I have tried my hand at Thread Painting with this portrait of Sir Alfred Smithers and of course, you can see this portrait in the opening photo of this blog post.

I'm also a budding jewelry maker and really enjoy the hand stitching of woven beaded earrings.

But mostly, if you popped into my home for a coffee and a quilting visit you'd find me busy at something. Often its freezing, canning or eating fish! We love the outdoors and you can see how heavy this fish was?

I knit and crochet and love to refinish furniture. But i think the most that I love to do when I have a chance is to promote Canadian talent!

So first up would the busy mom, crafter, milker and recently leather maker of Emily and she writes from her hideaway about all the many interesting things going on in her life, her little farm and her crafty projects. Please pop over and visit Back to the Craft, this is Emily's work in this photo below. So don't hesitate, go visit Emily! She's probably making home made cheese or something naturally great like that.


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