T-shirt Quilts

I see several fun posts lately on T-shirt quilts. And it got me thinking about my past t-shirt quilts. I have accomplished the design and making of one of a  kind t-shirt quilts. This means that each quilt is designed specifically for the person who wants it.

I've made a few since first starting 2008 into using up t-shirts into a warm and memorable quilt. But I must say that making a quilt can take on a life of itself. Deadlines for clients mean that you must have it completed by the agreed time.

It also means that you really get to know your client. Its amazing and very heart warming to me and with that in mind, you might want to make one yourself.

Be aware, making them is an addiction!

Applique is a must if you are really being creative!

Adding interest to the t-shirt quilt starts by planning! Get out your graph paper and get busy!

And this is what I'm up to today, playing online, reading emails from a few weeks ago and catching up on Facebook.

Happy Quilting, Carli


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