Pat's Triangle Quilt

Earlier in the days of too little time to sew and quilt, my husband commented that I never seem to finish anything. This may still be true, but every once in a while I do finish something.

These two pieces above were finished up this 2014 and destined for two grand daughters of my friend Myrtle. Finished!

Then there are the various beaded earrings that I've finished and this is again in 2014.

Then of course there is the finished quilt destined for Prince Edward Island. Pat's triangle quilt is really done.

I tried to encourage my husband to remember all the quilts I have completed. But somehow his music called louder and so it goes. I chose a natural colored backing fabric and I will simply write in permanent marker on the back a nice little quilt label, that is still in the making, perhaps today while its raining outside.

I realized that I have some how forgotten to post my "Finished Quilts" on my blog. And I was thinking of doing that in some sort of crazy way. I'll keep you posted as this comes together. Happy Quilting this rainy weekend in the Bulkley Valley of Northern B.C.



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