Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Stash -Modern Zippered Pouches

Wow, great prices and easy, friendly delivery. They just felt like the backgrounds I'm looking for my new little Dresden Plates.

You might also remember that I was on a stash purchases fast. I am over it now. 

I have one of those cute little zippered bags I showed in the post "Get in Gear Zippered Pouch" where I used some of my stash. But I'm thinking about Christmas gifts now and these would be perfect for girl friends who sew!

I won a great double zippered pouch from and I recommend you visit this Romanian wonder of design. The photo below is Geta's Pattern.

This is another pouch pattern that I'm giving this new fun pattern and I'll write up a review of it as I go so you can see it.

So that's what I'm up to today. I'm linking up today with the fabulous T-shirt challenge over at Molli Sparkles.

Have a fabulous day and thank you to all the wonderful readers who have sent email messages to encourage my recovery and continued life with back pain. Words just don't say enough.


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