Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inspired by a rug!

As you may remember, I laid out my first hand done primitive style rug several years ago.
And this is my knitted version, wait I think I've seen it.

This is the unique knitted version started in my life by my friend Nola. She is a knitting tool! Very good at it, too, my goodness, we all have our gifts!

I wish this is one of my rugs.

There it is, I knew I had at least one photo of its start.

As you can see this is quite messy, but I have this belief that every first rug done this way, is a bit of a lurch, you know?

But then I happened along this blog and you'll know why I had to say I'm inspired when I left a comment there today.

 Her first rug is stupendous!! If you can, please do pop over and see her gorgeous rug. The post is entitle "Family Rug Finished"

And I learned a few things about how to put together a fine example of what is important in my life, all in a rug. In order the inspired new rug I'd make is one that depicted my life and how the people and events of my life have forever changed me. Like, being a Mom to great men, who once depended on me solely. 

Like the man I married and have had the privilege to know and love, this year we celebrate 30 years of marriage.

Like, how do you describe the growth of a changing landscape has changed me? When I graduated from high school, we had only one computer in the school, interestingly enough found in the Principal's office. I was not computer savvy until into the current 2000's.

Like learning that my way of quilting was popular, who knew?
Who knew that I'd be one of those people who had adapted to meet and grow with technology?

Now, it seems that they are entwined together and we love to share our stuff and dreams of what the next quilt will be like.

If you have read this far, leave me a comment and tell me how a computer has changed your life?

Happy Quilting,

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