Saturday, October 11, 2014

I'm selling my Babylock Melody machine

I've decided to down size this little beauty is for sale. Nothing is wrong with it, it sews like a dream and its a dream to use the needle threader feature! Plus, this machine is really great on heavier fabrics like the corduroy its sewing in the photo below.

As you know, my back has been called a crappy back and I'm simply doing less sewing and this machine is great for machine quilting. It has an extension that you can add onto the front of the machine to extend the actual quilting area. I used this machine when I made these little beauties below.

This Melody version sews and quilts like a dream. It was purchased at Northern Vacuum in Terrace and if you live in the Northwest area, its a few miles drive to get it maintained. This machine has a self threading tool and thread cutter.

As you can see all the various regular attachments are with this machine,  walking foot, tools for it use, zipper foot, 1/4 inch foot for quilters and various other feet that I don't normally use. This machine also has a nifty cover.

Its got two great manuals with it that explain how to use various stitches and its well worth your investment of $1200.

Its got a digital panel where you choose the stitches you want and it a good buy even if you don't live in the Bulkley Valley. 

If you are interested, leave me a comment with your email address.

Happy Quilting!


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