FMQ Feathers anyone?

As you know I completed my first finish of this year with Pat's Triangle Quilt and compared to last year, my year is a total winner so far!
 I really had a great time playing with the layouts of Pat's Triangle Quilt and using up fabric that was hard to match up with from the 1980s and earlier.

 As you can see, I really felt brave when I used my flexible carpenters ruler to get a nice curve for the feathers! I know, feathers! And I had not hardly quilted much since spring time of 2013 and even then it was tiny projects at best. Its a blessing to feel better and alive again.

And I'm sure if you can see my feathers are not uniform, you'll might be wondering did I just have a bad day or what? When really, its all relevant to the creation you see as you start onto the quilting of any project. 

I'm sure lots of you have time and days to think and scheme and make decisions on who or how you'll quilt your project. I'm not big on mailing out a treasured quilt top and so out of frugality and common sense, I embrace the movement of Free Motion Quilting.

Embracing any movement allows you the decision making opportunity to be who you are.

The autumn of cooler weather and lots of rain has hit the beautiful Bulkley Valley. Our countryside is littered with the colors of fall.

I'm just doing a few odds and ends today including some hand work on another crazy quilt.

Here comes Santa!

Happy Quilting!



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