Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Christmas Crazy Quilt in Progress

Yes, I have been busy as you can see.

The whole thing is still unfinished but at least you can see what the quilter behind Good Earth Quilting has been up too.

Earlier this fall, I fell in love with the block designed by Connie from Freemotion Quilting on the River. I've been pulling all my personal favorite prints and solid colors as this is becoming my winter project. I am picking summer colors for our king size bed. Please visit her blog, she has loaded up a bunch of nifty tutorials!

I'm ashamed to admit, I've only pre-washed the fabrics for this project and a set of large curtains to go with it for our son and his girlfriend Melissa.

I did get this lovely quilt destined for my good friend Pat who is a recent resident of PEI and feeling the affects of being from afar. She needs a "Quilt Picker Upper" and soon she's be snug underneath it.

That's it from Carli the Quilter on the River too!

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