Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two Hour Quilt Possibilities

A few years ago I purchased a quilting book that I just had to have. I learned the authors techniques for stacking layer upon layer of fabric squares. Then slicing it and resewing the strips together. I made a bunch of table runners this way.

 On this stack I started with five fat quarters, cut random slices because I was just learning about the technique.

 Then you shuffle the rows.

 Once sewn together into blocks, they are squared off and there you have a fast quilt!

 For this quilt I decided on linear path and so it was quilted that way. 

 I chose to make the back side modern, as I was just learning about that too! It was later donated to the local gift basket for new moms.

 Since then, I've become more courageous about messing up and have sliced a second time and resewn strips a second time.

 Its on the table again with another simple table runner.

You can see I've made more than a few quilts, using this technique and buying her book is a recommendation if you are turned on by her simple "Rule Breaking Quilts" book by Kathryn Schmidt. I searched around for her and perhaps she doesn't have a blog? If you know her blog address, I'd love to follow her work, please leave us a comment!

But if you'd like to know more about how to make my versions of "Two Hour Slice and Dice Table Runner" do click on this link.

I'm having a good day today and I thank my blessings for that! Hope you all are having a great fall day. The leaves are falling and I'm going to take a little walk later today. I'll take some fall shots of the beautiful Bulkley River.

Happy Quilting and I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network


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