Serena Ryder performs "Please, Baby Please" with Jian Ghomeshi in Studio Q

OK, so if I could see Jian all the time, I might be not quilting anymore and become a groupy! Yep, that is so right. First of all, as my mother would say "He's got those "go to bed" eyes, you watch out for him!" so of course, that is my mother!!

He's got the best daytime and night time radio and travels to places like the USA touring with his morning show to open the eyes of the listening public in the lower states and a whole different country. Wow, now that might not sound like much of a feat, but when you live beside a country with enough population to swallow whole, it can be a little daunting for musicians to get a foot hold in the American market.

So, he's not just a pretty face and sexy sounding voice on the radio, he hits some topics that are controversial and makes you think!

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