Pat's Triangle Quilt is Quilted

I did indeed feel some sense of a renewed pride in my quilting abilities. Enough said, I've had a time readjusting to life with a crappy back.

Pat will  be really happy to know that this is first whole quilt I've made since the Centennial Quilt. And that I've begun to get back into the love of my life outside of hubby's of course :)

Each feather is completely different, more on that in a future post. 

And I did take on this quilt with renewed vision and experimental attitude. 

I fell in love again with Free Motion Quilting, even though its the ONLY quilting I've ever known.

Circles cozy up with barn door triangles.

Oh, yes, squared off edges as I exclusively use a quilted section style of quilting, even before it was popular in blog land. But thanks to bloggers quilting in free motion, I have a community :)

I'm in a groove again and its been many thanks to my followers who have commented even when my posts were less than stellar. Its been a journey and I'm back on the road again!

Happy Quilting folks, talk to you soon, leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my FMQ?

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