Monday, September 15, 2014

Get in Gear Zippered Pouch

Some of you might be looking for a great tutorial on a zippered pouch, while some of you may have made a zippered carry on for discreet items in our purse or  your gym bag.

 But I'm really proud to tell you that I found the perfect, the  most well written, strategically photographed tutorial over at one of the blogs I follow! My Half Dozen is a one woman SAHM who homeschools and is raising 6 kids all at the same time!!We home schooled two sons and I was crazy busy, so I love to help out my fellow Canadian Bloggers and Carla has written a super tute for this cute and simple zippered pouch!

As I've written, Carla has a keen sense of writing in clear language and I'm sure this comes from teaching her wee ones with integrity. I urge anyone to visit her blog

I can't be more happier than a pig in mud, this was fast and complete. I do warn you to read the writing of her tutorial as going by the photos can lead to mistakes and well, you don't need to see mine!!

Reverse side first, just for fun and my first zippered pouch, ready for Christmas gifts to all my girl friends!

Happy Quilting!!


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