Flower Block

I have followed Connie over at Quilting By The River blog for several years now and she is really an innovative quilter, always coming up with new ideas for her blog posts and mostly I enjoy and don't usually participate. But recently she posted this gorgeous flower  block and the scrappy use of little pieces caught my eye. 

Rainbow flower blocks at Freemotion by the River

Connie is participating with the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2014.This gorgeous flower block is of her own design and I thank her so much for sharing this simple but stunning block. I intend to use it my latest king size summer quilt for our bed. My husband has his king size wool lined winter quilt as shown below.

So its only fair that I create my own with styles and colors of my own choice. So I started making the nine patch snow ball blocks a couple of years ago.

As I read further in Connie's post of her Flower Blocks, I realized this creation was her version to participate with So Scrappy's blog called Rainbow Scrap Challenge. So if you want to make up your own rainbow scrap quilt, get on board and play!

Option #1

Connie lists the applique on her blog, so its simple to find.

Nice, I'm liking it so far!

Option #2

Option #3

And yes, I'm done the first one, but I'm still not into my scraps so we'll see how much of scraps I'm going to actually use, but I keep trying...

I think I'll keep it. Go visit Connie's Tutorial Page for the instructions for this block.
Its a winner for sure! Take care and have a great rest of the weekend.



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