Saturday, July 19, 2014

Crazy Quilting from Blog Land

Just because I cannot do embroidery, knitting or spending too much time on my computer, my son said, "Mom, just profile others for a while, so you  can heal and still keep your blog busy and interesting,  you know?" I'm blessed with sons who love their mamma !

So I went checking up on all my hundreds of bloggers that I follow and look what I found?

First up is my friend in Europe. Lin Tarrant is a crazy quilter and she recently posted about her odds and ends and look at this photo! 

Now, I found the site some time ago and when I searched for crazy quilting, alot comes up as you can imagine, so I chose for you a new person to my attention, Abbyholverson made a lovely tutorial on the Instructibles site, this is the finish, its so easy, strips are used and its a great way to get started.

Picture of How to sew an easy Crazy Quilt block

And of course, if you'd like to check out my own version of making a crazy quilt block, then you'd best pop over to my link on Crazy Quilting in the Raw.

Thank you for reading and seeing what is going on while I'm not creating.

LOL, Carli

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