You can't sell a photocopy of someone's quilt pattern!!

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I've known for a long time that the many quilters I know wantonly photo copy patterns from magazines. 
Some even photo copy a whole pattern from a paper purchase and her friend gladly allowed her or him to do so. 

This practice has always eked me. I even see it going on with plagiarizing of some online work! I think that maybe I'll have my own work plagiarized like this if I teach at her shop? I'd by pissed big time if I knew that had happened to my work. Wouldn't you?

Am I alone in this feeling of giving the author the credit if using someone else's pattern?

This is my lovely "Medusa's Hair" quilt. I made in the mid 1990's and was learning how to work with curves. It holds a ton of memories, it even contains some fabric from my maternity shirts. 

I don't get it? Why is this still going on? I even hear of the odd class being taught by a photocopy of a pattern. But recently my jaw dropped when I heard of a northern BC shop, not far from my home actually, who sold a photocopied "pattern" from a magazine! 

Yep I know you are aghast right? I couldn't believe it and this came from a  beginner quilter. She didn't know any difference, she thought it strange, but didn't say anything. She asked me if it was OK, I was stunned. 

I explained this "OLD" history of quilters doing this and that its not right. Each pattern or work is copyright protected by the author and can only be sold or made over by the new purchase of the same magazine or by the actual hard copy pattern.

Let me know what you think? I just can't believe I heard that!!

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts today as this is my Friday post!

 I'm on a rant, please let me know your opinion on this practice of plagiarizing other designers work?

Take care everyone, have a lovely weekend! I'm helping my hubby construct a cool and easy to do new greenhouse. I'm shooting photos today for the post I'm working on if you want to make a fast and easy greenhouse too!



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