Quick Women's Institute Secret Friends

I heard a knock on the door and we live rural, so when it happens and it surprises you, its rate. My WI friend Judy greeted me on the other side of our riverside cabin screen door. Smiling, she announced she was delivering a birthday present to my door from my QWI Secret Friends.

This  beautiful bundle arrived wrapped in this colorful fabric wrap and its such a vibrant color group, its simply happy! I wondered what was inside. It took me by surprise and darn it, that is the idea of our rural women's club's way of bonding. Its total fun!

These colorful wraps are made by a collective of rural Indian women who work hard and dream  big! The not-for-profit organization is self-funded social enterprise that promotes income for the collective of disadvantaged communities.

The following statements is copied from the web site of 

re-wrap Takka Stitching

I am happy to find collectives that need more exposure when the core value is helping disadvantaged women anywhere. My blog supports reuse in quilting and opening eyes to the possibilities! 

I really actively want to share, so if you know of a great collective in textiles, women's economic development, please let me know?

Also, wrapped up is this beautiful hummingbird from Crystal Temptations of Sprectra Swarovski Crystal in the little 24 K. Gold Plated Hummingbird. So sweet! :)

Along with a pretty, girly card with wished from my Secret Friend! 

Then comes the totally yummy brownies, these are the first brownies to eat in 3 years since I was forced to go Gluten Free, but not anymore, so these will be enjoyed over many days. Thank you secret friend!! :)

This is the best birthday I've had since our large family union/family gathering for my 50th birthday!

Then the scrapbook style book " Make Spectacular Books" came into my hands as well. Wow, I'm so touched and what a wonderful gift. I have so much to be grateful for and my day ended with a hilarious version of "Happy Birthday" from some more friends who hung up before I could ask who it was! 

This birthday without a doubt is and incredible memory. So rich is our lives, where we live in such a prosperous country, I am a lucky girl!

Happy Quilting from Carli


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