Little Bacteria with a Big Punch

I'm in a bit of a shock. I moved into a full blown 'Avoidance of Wheat and Gluten" on June 1 2011. I had tried all sorts of other things and was desperate. You know how it goes, your local GP is concerned  but not the authority on everything and you really need to be in charge of  your health.

I try to keep the ambiance of my environment pollution free, filled with nature and this is why this event is such an eye opener for me.

 I live a pretty clean life.

No more Gluten Free Expense!

I recently accidentally completely ate an ice cream cone to the last lick of my finger! OMG, I was instantly tense when I realized I'd been yacking with my hubby and usually stop at the edge of the cone and chuck it out the window for the crows to eat. But this time I didn't. I simply forgot.

10 days later, I can still eat wheat. I'm keeping it all to minimum but wow, I'm really in shock that I'm not spending the day with cramps and toilet visits.

This is my experience:
  • I had been experiencing acid reflux for years and nothing except antacids gave me any relief. Even with a change in diet to exclude coffee, tea, tomatoe dishes etc. So I took a leap of faith and started to change what I was eating, always with loosing extra weight, but really trying to find a  better way to live for a healthier lifestyle!
  • I've lost weight this year and working hard to keep it off. I blogged about it here with the fat burning soup diet.
  • I've been challenged with the sheer cost of gluten free foods, so this change has  been a dramatic event in my life. I ate my friend Nola's bread the other night and its so good to eat wheat again.
  • I became frustrated last year while dealing with back pain and I finally had some time to search online.
  • I started with "what is H-pylori?" found tonnes of information. The surgeon who did my scope into my stomach suspected H-Pylori. At the time, I didn't know anything about it.

But apparently, its common enough for thousands of people to have the bacteria in their gut and not even know it. So I'm glad that the endoscopy revealed the damage done to my stomach lining. 

Take care and get checked if you any stomach issues.

I recommend these following sites for more information on the little bacteria with a big punch.

I did two events of high doses of antibiotics and then six months later a breath test confirmed it. The H-Pylori bacteria is gone. I can say that my prayers have been answered.

Back to quilting!


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