Hexie's On My Mind

Well, the solids are working into interesting Dresden Plates, but I have nothing yet to show you, so I started working on "Hand-Work-Projects" for my upcoming summer of fishing. Thank goodness, that I've finally figured out what to change in my life to help my back, so I can get back to our favorite couple activity of fishing!

When I think of hand work projects, I go right to either hexies or log cabin blocks. This was my last effort with hexies, so I've overdue to start of up something with my little hexies and larger hexies as well. 

This cute table runner did win first prize in our 2004 Bulkley Valley Fall Fair in hand quilting and hand piecing category. I do love hand piecing as well, as I blogged about when I was working on the Midnight Over the Oasis quilt along with the lovely Jess of TheElvenGarden.

This was hand piecing from my start on the Midnight Over the Oasis by Jen Kingsley.

Then I fell in love again when I saw this little cutey from my friend Regina of the Fraser Lake Quilt Guild. at the link  following:


Jess also made this cute quilt with hexies. 

Then I discovered the beautiful hexie quilt in progress that Jessica is doing over at her blog Life Under Quilts.

See you soon, take care and keep on quilting,



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