Dresden's for the Road

Yes, I'm up to my ears in scrappy fabrics for another Dresden Plate quilt of some kind. I know its proper to plan first, but I simply don't work that way. I get an idea and run with it to see what will turn out!

As summer has begun in the beautiful Bulkley Valley area of Northern B.C. the weather has been its usual unpredictable style and its typical for us to have a wee cloudy June. When its raining, its often cool weather and its not as appealing as when its sandals and tank top weather.

I have started with this stack of solids from Mad About Patchwork and I'm really seeing some interesting patterns to play with from this group.

AND if you follow this link to visit this Mad About Patchwork, Canadian online shop, you're in for a treat with solid color Kona Flame Cotton on sale with a bundle of , which I've come to really appreciate with this project.

Kona Flame Spectrum

I'm tempted to buy this bundle, but have lots to work with in the photo below.

I am thankful to have a beautiful, bird song filled place beside the dainty earth vein Bulkley River. I think of rivers as the veins of Mother Earth. They are constantly moving and refreshing themselves.

I found this interesting tutorial at QuiltJane, where she pieces random lengths of scraps to complete crazy pieced fans and its very cool, much like what I'm going to be doing with this solid color.

I'm making all the various little fans and hand piecing the complete fans together while I sit in wait for the mighty King Salmon to bite my hook! 

As you can see in this photo below, my 16 lb salmon is among the smaller Spring Salmon, you'll ever catch on this river system. This photo was on the Skeena River about 100 miles north of where I live.

Take care and keep in touch, I love reading your comments.



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