Denim in Log Cabin Blocks

Well, I'm working between outside in the garden and taking the time to rest my back in between. But sometimes its just as good to sit and stitch, this is what I'm working on for hand stitching and catching up on a few projects for friends.

I am always looking for ways to reuse clothing or otherwise fabrics. I know some of you don't think its right to call "USED' cloth fabric. But I'm a free thinker and well, I'm writing this blog so everyone can enjoy working in reuse and this is one of my latest portable projects.

This is my little "lap pad" that I was given years and years ago and so its kind of crumpled now.

I once had a wonderful lady who was a champion hand quilter tell me that to be a really good  hand quilter, you must also hand stitch. Her theory was that the more hand stitching you do, the more you hand remembers the memory of rocking the stitches across the seam. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't but its what I do to keep on doing both.

This photo above show the machine stitched log cabins that are coming along as well.

Plus, I promised Anne her bag and I must confess to you Anne, that I've somehow lost your skirt pattern. Please forgive me, I don't know where it is, but I've searched and I've still not found it, so please call me?

These blue squares for your bag, so I'm showing the rest, it is more fun to have it be a surprise.

This is my gal pals over at the Quick Women's Institute, we met at one of our members home, who has an awesome garden!!

Take care and do call me Anne?



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