Blues Three Hour Table Runner

We all love fast table runners and recently I decided to make up one of these fast runners. I mean fast! In fact I posted about this fast little runner in several older posts. So just to be familiar with how to get started, this is what you need.

1.   Start with 5 fat quarters, one the focus fabric, 2 light colors and 2 dark colors.

Or in colors for an Arctic landscape as this mix of colors!!

Using this same technique I made this awesome throw.

My friend Anne became excited with quilting, then life suggested a different turn and so Anne asked me to make her a table runner from her fabrics and so this is the where the Blues Three Hour Table Runner came to be.

I used Anne's fabrics.

If you want to make one of my Two Hour Table Runner, but before you link up, please read on as I've learned a few more things about this technique that you'd value.

I totally hate picking out a seam, UGH! But I do this on this block because its really easy to get confused and loose the placing of the strips, then you'll have to pick out stitches.

When you have followed along with the tutorial, this is the way that I figure out which is the largest 5 blocks you'll get from this exercise. So I square up one side and then make a cut to trim off the excess.

If your blocks come together in such a way that a large block is possible, then I use my 3.5 in. by 24 in, rectangle ruler to help out the big 16 in. square I use. I make a another cut to get all square up and do this around all sides.

On these blocks today I made another discovery and did one clear slice off set from the center or any way you like it, but just one and see what happens?
 This table runner is cool, soothing blue color prints is almost done, see you soon when this is done! Then onto the skirt for Anne, thank goodness Anne I found the pattern!!

Happy Quilting from Carli


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