Afternoon Fun in the Studio

Bags are really fun to make and I've got a few on the go in my studio. I'm preparing for some shows for the summer at various festivals in B.C. A friend called and needed some help with a bag she is making, so we got together and quilted!!

This is what I call the All Round Great Bag and I'm writing up a bag tute for you in a later post.

Myrtle has picked out some awesome colors! And I made my first rhubarb crumb bars in 3 years. Now that I'm not limited to gluten free foods, the door has opened again to some awesome family recipes. More on why I'm not gluten free anymore in another post.

The recipe below.

As our sewing day whined down, I caught some awesome evening photos of my flowers and lilacs.

Then later on I visited another friend of mine and we made cute garden aprons from donated upholstery fabrics.

I sat down last evening to start on my some great jean bags and found this nice surprise in a pocket.

I checked and its worth something like $8.46 in Mexican currency!

That's all for today's post, more on why I'm not gluten free anymore and the flowers of old friends home at our last Women's Institute meeting. Take care, thanks so much for reading my blog posts and we'll be talked again soon.

Just for fun, I'm linking up with The Needle and Thread Network and my crochet blogger that is a great one to follow, Oombacka Design Crochet.

All the best fun quilting,


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