Re-Use Weekend Retreat

The ladies of Sik-e-dakh, B.C, are forming a quilting group and they are so pumped about learning how to quilt! We had a great donation of freshly washed polyester fortrel for quilts.

The table above is ready for 7 1/4 inch blocks of polyester fabric to be cut, our little women's group is well into realizing potential of reuse for their own family's quilts and with potential to make new items that may eventually be for sale. 

I'm still working on these blocks into what we'd know of as a "Flimsey" quilt top, but this corduroy is really sturdy and its making think I will not put batting inside it, but rather a flannelette sheet will go inside before quilting is done. These ladies are learning fast and working on projects at home and we'll have another great day of "Women's Sewing Group" in the fall. Check the inspiration in Eve's quilt below.

Look at this amazing polyester quilt made by Eve Rippel of Telkwa!

Another awesome quilt made entirely from clothing! Its all possible! You just have to WANT to make a change and go more green in your quilting.

I reused ties in the quilt above.

Its so easy to start. Take a pair of cord pants and cut off the legs, its the most fabric from a pair of cord jeans.

Then start cutting out squares are a very minimum to get you motivated to make  your own reuse quilt.

 Kay has been super busy and will likely have her first quilt done by fall.

 Another beautiful "Gee's Bend Style Quilt" from Judy in Sik-e-dakh, B.C.

Judy is prolific in her quilting, she is an inspiration to anyone who thinks that quilts must be made from brand new 100% cotton, check out these two made from scraps and donated fabrics!

Yahoo! Kay's first quilt top is a flimsey! I love the original look that quilts take on when not using the top brands of fabric. New is lovely, but its  not essential!

Well done, Kay! I'm looking so forward to more good times sewing next fall. I'm so proud of everyone, your group is formed and only good times and new learning will come from getting organized!

The ladies of Sik-e-dakh are so warm and welcoming to me, they are my sisters!

More in the fall of 2014.

Happy quilting everyone, thanks for popping in, do leave us a comment, the ladies love to hear what people think?



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