Quilt Show in Fort Fraser, B.C.

Hello readers and bloggers alike! 

I'm always looking for ways to invite my readers to know more about my local area. We live in one of the little secrets of living in British Columbia, Canada. We are proud to be the most popular province to live in for weather, climate diversity, recreational opportunities and we have many amenity migrants flocking in to our area. 

If you travel by road from Calgary, Alberta, you'll travel through the entire Canadian Rockies, across grasslands and forest with logging and waterfalls, mudslides and mosquito's. 

You'd pass right on through a lovely little village of Fort Fraser, where a quilt guild of 30 members manages to organize and host the annual Fort Fraser Quilt Guild Show of member and guest quilts. Its impressive beyond anything I've seen in years.  This beautiful Bargello Heart is made Terri-Lynne Godwin.

Below is one crazy farm quilt and I love it, its one of my fav's of the show. Regina was a really nice host as was Michelle.

Again, this stunning little cutie of scraps and a few pet friendly silhouettes! Gorgeous as I love scrappy quilts. This cutie is named "I Love U all! and check out the hand embroidery on the hearts.

Then for a small membership, these ladies do pack a punch with so many gorgeous personal quilts made my members and friends.

This eye catching log cabin number with maple leaf blocks and a elk buck in the medallion style center block, great quilt made by Terri Lynne Godwin again.

These ladies are super machines at making donation quilts going to local and regional charities dealing with elder care. One super quilter member is their mentor Alicen Weibe, aged 92 yrs old and one of the founding members made 30 of the 78 donation quilts. A personal best maybe or else, we all better find out what her secret is!!

Now, this might not be a feat for a large city, but for a population of 950, its a miracle!

Now forgive for this next photo, I missed getting the name of this quilter. I just love the bright tropical and modern style colored prints! Please do tell me who made this, if you are from the Fraser Lake or Fort Fraser, please leave me a comment?

Regina has  been a busy quilter with her Christmas new duds in table runners and matching wall quilt. Elegant and welcoming!

 And then as we wandered around checking out all the quilts, I spotted this lovely scrappy hexie quilt! Again, its one of Regina's....talented lady!

This lovely fall tones geometric quilt caught my attention and realised it is one made another quilter friend, Juanita.

And Debby made this cute snowman quilt. Its the "Hot Chocolate Club" pattern, when I searched online, I couldn't find the designer. If you know please leave a comment so everyone can know :)

This stunning quilt named Gift Quilt by Lynnia is also one of my fav's. So many wonderful quilters, a lovely day and so much to see. 

I was really pumped to see a cute zippered bag made by Regina from some of the organic cotton from DaisyJanie.com

And this wild earthy assortment from Debby again is lovely! This group is so motivated and this guild is well stocked with leadership.

Oops, I forgot to get the name of this quilter and love the black background!

Regina made this leaf assortment. Fresh picked fall leaves reminds to get busy in the garden. Before we know it, the cool fall winds will bring winter again.

What an engaging and prolific group with this history of donation quilts, I can only imagine how many quilts they have donated over 20 years of a guild. Its one of the most well run guilds in Northern B.C.

Regina holds another of her scrappy quilts, she as frugal as me and love using up scraps.

I'm ending with a bow tie donation quilt that is using up scraps and is  lovely way to say good bye from the quilters in Fraser Lake, Fort Fraser and Burns Lake.

I'm back to gardening again today and working on a skirt, if I can find the pattern!! I know Anne reads my blog and this is why you don't have the skirt yet :)

Take care and keep quilting!



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