Law of Attraction in my life!

I've read many books over the years to gain self help with life issues that we all have at one time or another. The most recent action I've taken is to join up with a Premium registration to Hay House World Summit 2014 which runs from May 31 to June 9th.

Now, just to be clear, I'm not paid to promote this site or any of its offerings. Its just simply something that I can do to help others discover the wealth of knowledge from the 100 audio recordings that I'll have access to with the premium registration.

I first learned of Louise Hay a few years ago when a friend of mine mailed me a copy of one of her books. I love this affirmation below. I embeded this post from Louise Hays FB page. She allows others to share what she posts in any website. Thanks Louise!

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As you know I have begun a new journey with back pain. I've come to learn over the last year that some days, I'm not doing much and then other days, I can take a walk and really enjoy the journey. I had very good intentions of completing my newest modern quilt, but it will have to become a pattern. So in the long run, I have a plan for progress and to help me stay focused on the important things like the following. I used Louise Hay's affirmations to help me create this list.

  • Stretch muscles unused recently to wake them up.
  • Enjoy this day!
  • Prepare bed for tomatoes.
  • Sit and enjoy the birds song.
  • Weed the Tayberries.
  • Relax with some hand stitching down my the river.
  • Enjoy time with my husband.
  • Drink more water every day!
I do hope that you'll join me in releasing the negative thoughts and embrace new ways of thinking about yourself as a vessel for goodness!

All the very best for all of you who read my little posts regularly and infrequently! You never know when a good idea strikes you!

Take care freinds and followers, Carli


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